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首 页 -> 成人学位外语 -> 2020年上半年学位英语考试模拟试题及答案12
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1. Our house is about a mile from the railway station and there are not many houses __A____.


A. in between B. far apart C. among them D. from each other

2. On average, a successful lawyer has to talk to several ___D___ a day.


A. customers B. supporters C. guests D. clients

3. People at the party worried about him, because no one was aware __A_____ he had gone.


A. of where B. of the place where C. where D. the place

4. Professor Smith promised to look __B____ my paper, that is, to read it carefully before the defense.


A. after B. over C. on D. into

5. The girl is __B____ of a film star. 这个女孩有点像一位电影明星。

A. somebody B. something C. anybody D. anyone

6. The young lady coming over to us __A____ our English teacher; the way she walks tells us that!


A. must be B. can be C. would be D. could be

7. The atmosphere ___C___ certain gases mixed together in definite proportions.


A. composes of B. is made up C. consists of D. makes up of

8. ___A___ the War of Independence, the United States was an English colony.


A. Before B. At C. In D. Between

9. __C_____ these honors he received a sum of money. 除了这些荣誉外,他还得到了一笔钱。

A. Except B. But C. Besides D. Outside

10. Therefore, other things ____C_____ equal, the number of workers that employers want decreases.


A. is B. are C. being D. having

11. The manager will not __D_____ us to use his car. 经理不准我们用他的车。

A. have B. let C. agree D. allow

12. Two days is not enough for him to finish the work. He needs ___D____ day.


A. other B. the other C. the third D. a third

13. The red flower goes from one to __C_____ in the class. 教室里,红花从一个人传到另一个人。

A. the other B. others C. another D. other

14. The computer system __A_____ suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet.


A. broke down B. broke out C. broke up D. broke in

15. There’s lots of fruit __D_____ the tree. Our little cat is also in the tree.


A. in B. at C. under D. on

16. The students were all entertained in a Mexican restaurant, at Professor Brian’s __C____.


A. money B. pay C. expense D. loss

17. This kind of material expands __C_____ the temperature increasing. 这种材料随温度的提高而膨胀。

A. to B. for C. with D. at

18. Tom, what did you do with my documents? I have never seen such a ___B___ and disorder!


A. mass B. mess C. guess D. bus

19. When Lily came home at 5 p.m. yesterday, her mother ___B___ dinner in the kitchen.


A. cooked B. was cooking C. cooks D. has cooked

20. While I was in the university, I learned taking a photo, ___B____ is very useful now for me.


A. it B. which C. that D. what


Passage 1

Community service is an important component of education here at our university. We encourage all students to volunteer for at least one community activity before they graduate. A new community program called “One On One” helps elementary students who’ve fallen behind. Your education majors might be especially interested in it because it offers the opportunity to do some teaching, that is, tutoring in math and English.


You’d have to volunteer two hours a week for one semester. You can choose to help a child with math, English, or both. Half-hour lessons are fine, so you could do a half hour of each subject two days a week.


Professor Dodge will act as a mentor to the tutors — he’ll be available to help you with lesson plans or to offer suggestions for activities. He has office hours every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. You can sign up for the program with him and begin the tutoring next week.


I’m sure you’ll enjoy this community service … and you’ll gain valuable experience at the same time. It looks good on your resume, too, showing that you’ve had experience with children and that you care about your community. If you’d like to sign up, or if you have any questions, stop by Professor Dodge’s office this week. (220 words)


1. What is the purpose of the talk? ___B_________ 这段话的目的是什么?

A. To explain a new requirement for graduation.

B. To interest students in a new community program. 是为了使学生们对一项新的社区计划感兴趣。

C. To discuss the problems of elementary school students.

D. To recruit elementary school teachers for a special program.

2. What is the purpose of the program that the speaker describes? ___C_________


A. To find jobs for graduating students.

B. To help education majors prepare for final exams.

C. To offer tutorials to elementary school students. 为小学生提供家教服务。

D. To provide funding for a community service project.

3. What does Professor Dodge do? _____A_______道奇教授是干什么的?

A. He advises students to participate in certain program. 他为学生参加某项计划提供建议。

B. He teaches part-time in an elementary school.

C. He observes elementary school students in the classroom.

D. He helps students prepare their resumes.

4. What should students who are interested in the tutorials do? ___D_________


A. Contact the elementary school.

B. Sign up for a special class.

C. Submit a resume to the dean.

D. Talk to Professor Dodge. 和道奇教授谈谈。

5. Whom do you think the speaker addresses? ____B________

你认为说话者是在对谁说这些话的。 学生。

A. Faculty. B. Students. C. Residents D. Graduated students.

Passage 2

How men first learnt to invent words is unknown; in other words, the origin of language is a mystery. All we really know is that men, unlike animals, somehow invented certain sounds to express thought and feelings, actions and things, so that they could communicate with each other; and that later they agreed upon certain signs, called letters, which could be combined to present those sounds, and which could be written down. Those sounds, whether spoken or written in letters, we call words.


The power of words, then, lies in their associations-the thing they bring up before our minds. Words become filled with meaning for us by experience; and the longer we live, the more certain words recall to us the glad and sad events of our past; and the more we read and learn, the more the number of words that mean something increases.


Great writers are those who not only have great thoughts but also express these thoughts in words which appeal powerfully to our minds and emotions. This charming and telling use of words is what we call literary style. Above all, the real poet is a master of words. He can convey his meaning in words which sing like music and which by their position and association can move men to tears. We should therefore learn to choose our words carefully and use them accurately, or they will make our speech silly and vulgar.


1. The origin of language is __D_____. 语言的起源是:

A. a legend handed down from the past B. a matter that is hidden or secret

C. a question difficult to answer D. a problem not yet solved一个还未解决的问题

2. What is true about words? 关于词汇哪一项是对的?C

A. They are used to express feelings only. B. They can not be written down.

C. They are simply sounds. 他们是简单的声音 D. They are mysterious.

3. The real power of words lies in their _______. 文字的真正力量在于其____D

A. properties B. characteristics

C. peculiarity D. representative function 代表功能

4. By “association”, the author means _______. 作者用“联系性”这个词指B

A. a special quality B. a joining of ideas in the mind头脑中思想的联接

C. an appearance which is puzzling D. a strange feature

5. Which of the following statements about the real poet is NOT true?


A. He is no more than a master of words. 他只不过是一个文字的掌握者。

B. He can convey his ideas in words which sing like music.

C. He can move men to tears. D. His style is always charming.


1. A lot of natural resources in the mountain area are to be exploited and used.

1. 那个山区有许多自然资源有待于开发利用。

2. All that glitters is not gold.

2. 闪光的东西,未必都是金子。

3. Apples here like water and sunshine.

3. 这里的苹果喜欢水和阳光。

4. As is known to all, China is a developing country.

4. 众所周知,中国是一个发展中国家。

5. Bill hit his car into a wall last night.

5. 昨晚比尔开车时车撞到了墙上。

6. Each time history repeats itself, the price goes up.

6. 历史每重演一次,代价就增加(一分)。

7. Fred was such a hardworking student that he soon came our first in the class.

7. 弗莱德是一个学习十分用功的学生,以至于不久他就成了班里学习***的学生。

8 He has taught English in this university ever since he moved to this city.

8. 自从他来到这座城市就在这所大学里任教。

9. In Foreign Languages Department, a checking machine is used to correct the students’ test papers.

9. 在外语系,用阅卷机给学生阅卷。

10. In an age of plenty, we feel spiritual hunger.

10. 在这个物质财富充裕的时代,我们感到精神上的饥渴。

11. In no other country in the world can you find such plants as this one.

11. 像这种植物在世界上的其他任何一个国家中都找不到。

12. I was having a nap when suddenly the telephone rang.

12. 我在睡觉时,电话铃突然响了。

13. If you decided to learn a new language, you would have to dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to the cause.

13. 如果你决定学一门新的语言,你必须全身心地投入。

14. John and his brother differ in personality even if their differences in age are not significant.

14. 尽管约翰和他哥哥在年纪上相差不大,但他们的个性却不相同。

15. Please give this book to whoever comes first.

15. 请把这本书给***先来的人。

16.Ted and William have lived under the same roof for five years.

16. 泰德和威廉已经在同一个屋檐下生活了五年了。

17. The most common samples of inorganic materials are the gases of the atmosphere, water, rocks, etc.

17. 大气中的气体、水、岩石都是无机物中***普通的实例。

18. Tom’s father has taught English here since he graduated from Peking University.

18. 汤姆的父亲从北京大学毕业后就一直在这里教英语。

19. Though it was late, they kept on working.

19. 尽管已经很晚了,他们还在继续工作。

20. The students are encouraged by their teacher to do more listening, reading and writing.

20. 老师鼓励学生多听,多读,多写。

21. There is a large amount of energy wasted due to friction.

21. 由于摩擦而损耗了大量的能量。

22. This place has plentiful material resources.

22. 这个地方的物质资源是丰富的。

23. The more passions we have, the more happiness we are likely to experience.

23. 我们的激情越多,我们有可能体验到的快乐就越多。

24. Transistors are small in size and light in weight.


25. Various substances differ widely in their magnetic characteristics.

25. 各种材料的磁性有很大的不同。

26. Would you please help me with this heavy box?

26. 你能帮我抬一下这个很沉的箱子吗?

27. You needn’t go there anymore. He already knows about it.

27. 你不必去了,他已经知道那件事了。
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